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Situational Awareness and the Future of Armored Combat

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern warfare, situational awareness has become increasingly crucial for the success of armored combat operations. As conflicts become more complex and dynamic, advanced technologies like Vegvisir's mixed reality system are shaping the future of armored combat by providing an unprecedented level of situational awareness to military personnel. We will explore the growing importance of technology in modern battlefields, the challenges faced by armored vehicle crews, and the transformative potential of Vegvisir's solution for overcoming these challenges.

Situational Awareness in Armored Combat Vehicles

Situational awareness in armored combat vehicles refers to the understanding of the operational environment, including the location and status of friendly forces, enemy forces, terrain features, and other relevant factors that influence mission outcomes. This understanding is vital for making informed decisions and effectively executing tasks on the battlefield. On a tactical level, enhanced situational awareness in armored vehicles supports units by enabling them to identify threats, assess risks, and respond to evolving situations more effectively. It also facilitates better communication and coordination among different units, allowing them to synchronize their efforts and exploit opportunities in the combat environment. Improved situational awareness allows armored vehicle crews to maintain a clear understanding of their surroundings, enabling them to adapt and react faster to changes in the battlefield. Ultimately, situational awareness plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and success of armored forces during complex and dynamic military operations.

Tackling Situational Awareness Challenges for Armored Vehicle Crews: The Need for Innovation

Armored vehicle crews face unique challenges when it comes to situational awareness on the battlefield. The limited visibility and enclosed nature of these vehicles often make it difficult for crews to accurately assess their surroundings and the rapidly changing combat environment. Traditional solutions, such as cameras and computer screens, have been implemented to improve situational awareness but still leave room for further enhancement. The lack of seamless data integration, limited field of view, and increased cognitive load all contribute to the challenges faced by armored vehicle crews. These challenges highlight the need for innovative solutions, which aim to overcome these limitations and provide a more comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the battlefield.

Lessons from the Russia-Ukraine War: The Urgent Need for Enhanced Situational Awareness in Armored Vehicles

The escalation of the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022 highlighted the crucial role of armored vehicles in modern warfare. Throughout the conflict, both sides heavily relied on their armored forces to seize territory and maintain strategic advantages. However, the complex and urban nature of the battlefield revealed the limitations of traditional situational awareness tools for armored vehicle crews.

Lessons from the Russia-Ukraine conflict have underscored the growing need for real-time data access, as prompt and precise information dissemination is vital for effective decision-making and rapid response to emerging threats on the battlefield. The use of commercial off-the-shelf drones have significantly contributed to enhancing situational awareness by supplying aerial reconnaissance and real-time video feeds. These drones have enabled military personnel to track enemy movements, pinpoint potential threats, and adjust their strategies accordingly. However, the efficiency of these solutions are limited, as drone video feeds are displayed on separate smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Moreover, enemy location reporting occurres through radio communications, leading to fragmented and dispersed data.

As the nature of warfare becomes increasingly complex and dynamic, the need for real-time data access, effective communication, and advanced situational awareness technologies is critical. Ultimately, enhancing situational awareness will be a decisive factor in determining the outcome of future battles and ensuring the success of military operations.

The Role of Mixed Reality in Armored Vehicle Situational Awareness

Mixed reality combines elements of both virtual reality and augmented reality, creating an immersive environment where physical and digital objects coexist. Vegvisir's Mixed Reality system for armored vehicles enhances situational awareness by overlaying real-time data onto the battlefield, allowing vehicle crews to access crucial information such as enemy positions, terrain features, and friendly forces' locations. This technology has the potential to improve decision-making, reduce cognitive load, and increase mission success rates for armored vehicle crews.

Using the Russia-Ukraine war as an example, the employment of commercial off-the-shelf drones has increased considerably. However, the presentation of drone feeds combined with communication has led to fragmented data for armored vehicle crews. In such situations, mixed reality can offer a solution by consolidating various data feeds into a single, coherent view. This allows the armored vehicle crew to make faster, more informed decisions in the heat of battle.

Vegvisir Mixed Reality UI View, Driver Solution

Integrating Data Fusion and AI in Armored Combat

Modern armored combat generates vast amounts of data from various sources, including sensors, surveillance systems, and intelligence reports. For instance, a single armored vehicle could generate several terabytes of data per day through its onboard sensors, cameras, and communication systems. To make sense of this information and identify patterns and trends, military forces are increasingly relying on AI and data fusion techniques. Vegvisir's system incorporates these cutting-edge technologies, providing vehicle commanders with actionable insights that can significantly improve decision-making in complex and fast-paced environments.

The Importance of Interoperability and Collaboration for Armored Forces: Vegvisir's Role in Data Visualization and Integration

As armored forces face increasingly complex scenarios, collaboration and interoperability among allied forces become crucial. Vegvisir's situational awareness system is designed to address this need by simplifying communication and data sharing among different units and military branches. One of its key strengths lies in its ability to visualize and integrate various types of data, enabling users to harness the vast amount of information available to them. This streamlined approach to data visualization not only enhances decision-making but also strengthens the overall effectiveness of armored units, providing them with a critical advantage in rapidly evolving combat environments.

Comparing Vegvisir's Mixed Reality System to Existing Solutions on Armored Vehicles

In recent years, there have been various solutions implemented on armored vehicles to improve situational awareness, including the use of cameras and computer screens. While these solutions have undoubtedly contributed to increased situational awareness for vehicle crews, Vegvisir's mixed reality system represents a significant leap forward in technology and offers several advantages over traditional methods.

Immersive Visualization

Traditional camera systems and computer screens provide a limited, two-dimensional view of the battlefield, often making it difficult for crews to accurately assess their surroundings. In contrast, Vegvisir's mixed reality system offers a more immersive and intuitive visualization, overlaying crucial information directly onto the battlefield in real-time. This helps vehicle crews perceive their environment more accurately and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Enhanced Data Integration

Cameras and computer screens often display data from various sources in a disjointed manner, forcing crews to switch between different screens and interpret the information themselves. Vegvisir's mixed reality system integrates data from multiple sources seamlessly, presenting a unified and easily digestible view of the battlefield. By incorporating AI and data fusion techniques, the system also provides actionable insights, further enhancing decision-making.

Reduced Cognitive Load

Crews operating armored vehicles are required to process vast amounts of information in high-pressure situations, which can lead to increased cognitive load and decreased performance. Vegvisir's mixed reality system helps to reduce cognitive load by presenting information in a more intuitive manner and prioritizing the most relevant data. This enables crews to focus on their primary tasks and make better decisions under pressure.

Improved Collaboration and Interoperability

While cameras and computer screens can support some level of information sharing, they often struggle to facilitate effective cooperation between different units and military branches. Vegvisir's mixed reality system is specifically designed to emphasize interoperability, enabling efficient communication and data sharing among allied forces. By presenting a unified visual representation, the system encourages better coordination and collaboration among armored forces on the battlefield.

While existing solutions like cameras and computer screens have served a purpose in enhancing situational awareness for armored vehicle crews, Vegvisir's mixed reality system offers a more advanced and comprehensive solution. By providing immersive visualization, enhanced data integration, reduced cognitive load, and improved collaboration and interoperability, Vegvisir's system represents the next generation of technology for armored combat operations.


The future of armored combat will be defined by technological advancements and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments. Mixed reality systems represent a significant step forward in enhancing situational awareness for armored vehicle crews, providing them with the tools they need to navigate complex and dangerous scenarios. As we look ahead, the importance of technology in armored combat will only continue to grow, making innovative solutions like Vegvisir's increasingly essential to military success.