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Vegvisir Remote

Enhanced Situational Awareness for unmanned platforms

The  Vegvisir Remote is an advanced situational awareness system that is optimised for lower bandwidth for remote use. The main application is optionally manned or unmanned platforms that need remote operating.

The Vegvisir Remote is a situational awareness system designed for unmanned platforms, ensuring efficient operation even in low bandwidth situations. This makes it perfect for vehicles that can be operated remotely. The system comprises several modules: the Driver Sensor System (DSS), Close Range Sensor System (CRSS), Dual Close Range Sensor System (DCRSS), Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), Mission Computer (MC), and a Custom 3D Engine (C3DE).

Users benefit from virtual overlays on live video, distinguishing friendlies from enemies. The tool provides real-time details, such as the vehicle's direction, driving guidance lines, and system status updates. It also facilitates communication among vehicle crew or over the radio. Future updates promise personalized interfaces for specific roles like gunners or commanders. Designed with clarity in mind, it's especially useful in high-pressure scenarios and is compatible with many systems, adhering to STANAG and MIL-STD standards.

Full features list:

  • Virtual overlays of friendly and enemy information on live video feed
  • Real-time position and heading information for the driver in all views and zoom levels
  • Display of driving aid lines and notifications
  • State of different vehicle functions
  • Integration with vehicle information systems and other interfaces
  • Coordination of information among the crew of the vehicle or over the radio
  • Customizable interface for different crew members (gunner, commander, etc.) in future versions
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design for ease of use in high-pressure situations
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms and systems for increased interoperability
  • Designed to follow STANAG and MIL-STD
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