Upcoming exhibition: Eurosatory, Paris, 17-21st June 2024

Vegvisir is a Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System (MRSAS) that provides personnel of armoured vehicles a better understanding of their immediate surroundings and areas of interest further away.

360 degrees virtual dome, battlefield data live overlays, see-through-the-armour capabilities and third party integrations for supreme situational awareness.

Customizable and reliable

Modular setup with multiple layers of redundant sensors for customer-specific solutions and increased reliability.

Rugged and durable

Built for extreme environments with rugged head-mounted displays.

Multi-spectrum and NATO compliant

Multi-spectrum sensing and NATO STANAG compliance for a wide range of situational awareness and target engagement capabilities.

Long-range and low latency vision

Detection capabilities from 0 to 1,200m, ultra low latency, and EO/IR sensor fusion for both close and medium proximity vision in any condition.

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