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Defensphere and Paramount Group sign strategic LoI

A strategic Letter of Intent (LOI) between Defensphere OÜ and Paramount Land Systems, a South African global aerospace and technology business, has been signed to cooperate on the development, installation and worldwide marketing of the Vegvisir Mixed Reality Situational Awareness System (XRSAS).

As a completely new situational awareness technology, Vegvisir is designed to provide armored vehicle crews a 360-degree field of view. Mission computers control the technology’s revolutionary videographic systems, four layers of sensor systems, and algorithms for synthesizing camera images external to the vehicle. With the customized mil-spec video headset, you can get a mixed-reality perspective of what’s going on around your vehicle, as well as what could be further away.

Vegvisir is being developed in line with NATO military standards and is also being integrated within other platforms used on the battlefield, including unmanned land vehicles, stand-alone sensors, and battlefield management systems. The Vegvisir technology might subsequently be utilized for mechanized infantry training and simulations.

Ingvar Pärnamäe, Chief Executive Officer of Defensphere OU, stated that, “Vegvisir and technologies like it offer today critical actionable intelligence to help decision makers on and off the field of combat to have all the information and understanding that they would need to reach sound conclusions, those often executed on-the-fly. With the deployment of our situational awareness and sighting technology in Paramount Group’s fleet of advanced armored land vehicles, we are glad to collaborate with them.”